Friday, August 11, 2017

Rhea Bundrant and Nicola Bailey, New York, New York, USA

Thanks to artists Nic and Rhea for sending along this photo tribute to Bowie

Giovanni and Renata Strada, Ravenna, ITALY

Giovanni and Renata continue to share their performance mailart works
Thanks . . "Ancient" ones

Stefani Agostini, Camobi, Santa Maria, Rio Grande Do Sol, BRASIL

Self Portrait etching print 
by artist Stefani Agostini in Brazil
Much appreciated!

Shirley Bracey and Mary Grayson, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Celebrating Canada's 150th with Shirley and Mary 

Karl Steurer, Picasso Vom Bodensee, Arbon, SWITZERLAND

A handmade book arrives from Karl in Switzerland . . . Many Thanks . .  already making plans for your mailart visual reply . . coming soon . . .

Bernhard Zilling, Berlin, GERMANY

Thanks to my friend Bernhard for this painted postcard.
Mail coming your way soon . . All the best from Canada

Peter Lupus, Mesa, Arizona, USA

Postcard # 813
Many Thanks "Willy" . . delighted to get the package with all the autographed enclosures. Much Appreciated.
Check out more at: IMDb Peter Lupus

Mary Lynne Keenan, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Many Thanks to Mary Lynne for the return of Post Card # 1113.
This portrait was one of those candid moments when I have the camera with me and decide yes I'll share the project idea and send a portrait postcard - thinking this person would be a wonderful addition to the visual array of people in the collection. Pleased to see she thought so too . . 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Torill Elizabeth Larsen, Olso, NORWAY

Many Thanks to Norwegian artist Torill Elizabeth Larsen for this amazing compilation of 15 prints that arrived featuring her self portrait series.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Snappy, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Snappy sporting the Fractal Portrait Project Tee . . which now has a Canadian component  . . many Thanks to Artistide 3108 for getting this project underway. . . the shirt is doing its Canadian circuit.
See more from Snappy at his blog: SNAPPY SERVICE

Eddie Nero, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Collaged postcard with self portrait stamp arrived today from friend Eddie at Hitam Post.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Richard Wilson, London, ENGLAND

Many Thanks to Scottish actor Richard Wilson for the return of postcard # 1208 plus signed portrait enclosure . . very much appreciated. 
More about Richard and his amazing career at: RICHARD WILSON

Antic Ham and Francis Van Maele, Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo. IRELAND

Many Thanks to artists Antic Ham and Francis Van Maele for the return of postcards # 1073 and # 1074 . . They operate the artist book print shop in County Mayo Ireland . . 
see more at their site: RED FOX PRESS

Friday, July 28, 2017

Kyre Trafford, Thornbury, Ontario, CANADA

Many Thanks to Model and Actor Kyre Trafford for signing these head shots for me.
Check out her fan page at: Kyre Trafford